Automotive Tints

We offer a range of tints to enhance, cool and add security to your vehicle. With shades ranging from light smoke to limousine we have the perfect shade to suit your vehicle.

We offer UV Guard clear film for professional drivers to protect against skin cancer and premature aging.

We also supply and fit Safety Glass film in a range of tints. This film is designed to hold shattered glass together which protects you and your passengers from flying shards of glass.

The Benefits of professional vehicle window tinting:
  • Tint reduces the heat and glare for children and pets to make their journeys more enjoyable.
  • Tint can provide privacy from unwanted prying eyes to keep your valuables out of sight.
  • Tint reduces harmful UV rays by up to 99% to protect skin and also protect interiors from fading.
  • Tint will enhance the look and style of your vehicle.
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