Completely transform the look of your car or van with a bespoke design or colour change.


We offer a premium vinyl wrapping service using only the highest grade materials from 3m, Arlon, Hexis and Avery.

Whether you require a full colour change wrap, partial wrap or just some styling we can help. Choose from over 1000 different colours and finishes including gloss, matt and satin vinyls, or the more adventurous carbon or chrome.

We can produce graphics to suit any size vehicle from motorbikes, cars and taxis to vans, boats and buses.

We are happy to help you decide what to go for. You are welcome to come and see us and have a look at some colour samples to make your decision more informed.

Automotive Tints

American-Black-Truck-2588050We offer a range of tints to enhance, cool and add security to your vehicle. With shades ranging from light smoke to limousine we have the perfect shade to suit your vehicle.

We offer UV Guard clear film for professional drivers to protect against skin cancer and premature aging.

We also supply and fit Safety Glass film in a range of tints. This film is designed to hold shattered glass together which protects you and your passengers from flying shards of glass.

The Benefits of professional vehicle window tinting:
  • Tint reduces the heat and glare for children and pets to make their journeys more enjoyable.
  • Tint can provide privacy from unwanted prying eyes to keep your valuables out of sight.
  • Tint reduces harmful UV rays by up to 99% to protect skin and also protect interiors from fading.
  • Tint will enhance the look and style of your vehicle.
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Vehicle Paint Protection

For most of us our vehicle is the most expensive thing we have ever bought and we want to look after it as much as we can whilst making the most of it. After all, they are there to be used, not to sit in the garage looking pretty.

To help you take care of your car we can apply a clear protective layer over your paint or vinyl wrap to stop scratches, stone chips, key marks and any other scuffs or marks. Available in high gloss or matte finishes, the precision cut templates will protect all the leading edges of the vehicle and provide 5-7 years of protection (depending on storage and level of care).

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